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This enrollment agreement includes all school term breaks. 
Back 2 Basics are closed on all Statutory Holidays and may close for approximately two weeks over the Christmas period.  All families will be notified in advance of planned closures.


Family                          10% when 2 or more siblings attend


Holidays                       50% off if 2 week’s notice in writing given. Maximum 3 weeks off consecutively


 Absences                    During school term                              50% off if centre notified before 8am

  During school holidays                        No discount unless sick and medical certificate received

                                                              Absence during school holidays with no contact - $5 absence fee 

Public Holidays           No charge, we are closed on all public holidays


Centre is closed          We may close from time to time due to emergency closures or extended holiday periods but families will be given notice when possible. When the centre is closed this does not count as an absence/holiday day and are excluded from the 3 weeks.


No holiday or absent discounts can be given if Back 2 Basics are receiving government payments for a child excluding 20 free hours.

Accounts must be up to date to receive any discounts.

Enrolment Uploads

If possible please attach
a photo of your childs
a copy of there ID (birth certificate or passport) and
a copy of their immunisation record